Exploring Singapore At Night

Singapore is one of these places that quickens your pulse, keeps you busy and makes you speechless for a long time… Especially when you explore it at night with a camera in your hands.

Street lanterns in Singapore
Street lanterns in Singapore

Street lanterns in Singapore

The street lights and lanterns will guide you to one of the most stunning places in Singapore.

Singapore at night
Night view of Singapore
Marina Bay at night
The Marina Bay Sands all lit up at night. Do you think it looks like a spaceship?

Marina bay at night

Singapore is a beautiful place to explore and – despite being totally knackered – we managed to drag ourselves down to the Marina to shoot some shots of this magnificent city lit up at night and reflected across the water. We did not regret that at all. What’s more, what we have seen, woke us up immediately.

Singapore at night
Me being amazed by the night view

A horse in chinatown at night, singapore Singapore at night

The cityscape of Singapore is beautiful at night, so if you find yourself in this part of the world head for the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (you really can’t miss it, it’s an icon of Singapore!) and chill out by the waters edge with the jazz band playing in the background, the humid air keeping you warm and take some time out to appreciate it’s skyline.

Breath-taking scenery of Singapore at night
Breath-taking scenery of Singapore at night
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Chinatown
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Chinatown


If you have never been to Singapore, make sure you’ll add it to your travel bucket list. It’s absolutely worth it!

How do you like the scenery?

Can you think of any places you have recently travelled to that left you speechless by its night scenery?

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