Last updated: 8 February 2018
Between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua in Central American is one of the largest and least visited countries in the area.

Nicaragua cannot boast of the ancient ruins of some of its neighbours, and years of war and civil rest have resulted in the loss of many of its museums, but it does have a wealth of natural beauty boasting several volcanoes, wrapped in rainforest, lakes, rivers and mountains. Hike through cloud forests and get a view of the beautiful rivers and waterfalls around the area, or through the splendid Somoto Canyon, only discovered in 2004.

In Nicaragua the waves are constant and the water is warm making this a popular surfing spot and if surfing the waves is not for you take a surf down the slopes of a volcano. In this country, it is a national sport.


Granada, the capital, is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. On the banks of Lake Granada, it boasts splendid colonial architecture, a looming volcano and a chain of small islands.

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