Last updated: 7 February 2018
Located on the south-west coast of Africa, Namibia is named for the world’s oldest desert the Namib. A large portion of the country is covered by its shifting desert sands. Here you will find some of the highest dunes on earth and in some areas, the desert reaches all the way to the Ocean.

With mountains and Savannah and a wetland that draws huge numbers of wildlife, nature has truly blessed this land with most of the glorious landscapes that are Africa’s. Add to this the magnificent Fish River Canyon, second only in scale to the Grand Canyon.

The Skeleton Coast on the northern part of the country suffers dense fog and violent storms and is now said to have one of the highest concentrations of shipwrecks anywhere on earth.


The country has several nature reserves, including the famous Etosha Pan with an impressive array of wildlife that includes some homegrown beasts such as desert lions and desert elephants. It is also home to the world’s largest Cape fur seal colony.

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