Last updated: 8 February 2018
On the south-east coast of Africa, Mozambique with one thousand five hundred kilometres of coastline is unsurprisingly known for its long white sandy beaches and warm clear waters.

Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are found on this coastline and most of them are deserted. The waters are filled with sea life from whale sharks to manta rays, dolphins and dugongs. Dive down into the clear waters with the parrotfish, stonefish and trumpetfish.

To the south of the country, the beaches are well developed and boast a number of hotels, restaurants and holiday resorts. In Mozambique, there is seafood in abundance and delicious seafood cuisine, with a nod to Portugal, can be enjoyed at reasonable prices.


Here you can ride horseback along a deserted beach, take a boat ride to one of the tropical islands in one of two sun-drenched archipelagos, game fish or view the diverse wildlife in the Gorongosa National Game Park.

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