Last updated: 8 December 2017
Mongolia, in East Asia is a land where time has stood still. A country where nomads roam the desert on horseback, living in traditional round tents, where you can happen upon a Shaman as he contacts the spirits of the dead.

This is a country with wide-open spaces that are practically isolated and wild, where vast expanses of land contain only grazing herds. The country boasts the second biggest fresh water lake in the world and the Gobi Desert, home to the two-humped camel.

Colorfully painted Buddhist temples and the stone remains of Buddhist monasteries attest to the faith of the people. The countryside is strewn with monuments and tombs to the Turks who once fought in the region.


Visitors to Mongolia can stay in traditional tents equipped with a central fire. Then join the nomads in the surrounding grasslands on horseback or visit the spot where the first unbroken dinosaur eggs were found, and where dinosaur excavations are still underway.

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