Last updated: 8 February 2018
Situated on the bulge of Africa Mauritania is a land dominated by sea and desert, and boasts some of the most magnificent scenic beauty in Africa. Here you can stay in ancient caravan towns in the sun-bleached desert dunes in the Adrar. The beautiful desert landscapes are pure and bare of any vegetation, just peaks and troughs of silky soft sand, and the desert stretches all the way to the Ocean.

The coast is home to one of the last Mediterranean monk seal colonies and two million migratory birds descend here in the Spring. The Ocean waters in this area are some of the richest in the world and colorful fishing boats bob around the coastline.

Find fortified trading villages filled with crumbling sandstone buildings from the middle ages. Once camel trains carrying salt and dates along this way.


Al Qaeda is active in this part of Africa, and travel along the borders with neighbouring countries is considered unsafe. The border areas are also known to harbour unexploded landmines.

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