Marshall Islands

Last updated: 8 February 2018
The Marshall Islands are made up of twenty-nine coral atolls. It is one of only two countries world-wide that is comprised only of atolls. About halfway between Australia and Hawaii, the country receives just five thousand visitors a year so it lacks some of the infrastructure enjoyed by more popular areas of the world. Here the unspoilt natural splendour of the surrounds more than makes up for the infrastructural shortfalls.

Around these islands the countless coral reefs and undersea areas have yet to be explored. The surrounding ocean contains almost eight hundred species of fish, over two hundred corals, and numerous World War Two wrecks.

Marshall Islands

The undersea visibility is amongst the best in the world. Here, encompassing the entire country you will find the world’s largest shark sanctuary. Visit soon these islands may not survive to the end of the century as rising sea levels could cause the total evacuation of the islands’ inhabitants.

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