Markets Of Amsterdam: Dappermarkt

Together with a group of 5 fellow students from UvA, we’ve created an illustrated eBook called “Markets of Amsterdam” that will help travelers, students and new residents of the city to get a one-stop information about the colorful and lively market scene of Amsterdam. It is individual and exclusive series on different types of markets, aimed to showcase places where to shop on a budget – the series 1 being on Flea Markets: Albert Cuymarkt, Dappermarkt , IJ-Hallen, Waterlooplein, Noordermarkt. The eBook has relevant descriptions in a friendly and relatable narrative style, with a sprinkle of video bytes, and original illustrations along with images.


In today’s note, I’ll cover Dapper Market which is one of the most well-known markets, the place is huge with a variety of things being sold.

Address of the Dapper Market

Dapperstraat, 1093 BS Amsterdam.

When is it?

6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). Best day to go is on a Saturday at noon. We are told it is the best time to experience the market in its full glory.


How to get to Dapper Market

By bike. Nearest tram station however is at Wijttenbachstraat, and tram 3, 7, 9, 14 goes from central station. The place is central and is quite well connected by buses and metros too.


Entry Cost


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Market details


What was my first impression?

One of the most well known markets, the place is huge with a variety of things being sold. The variety is huge, and the costs are quite reasonable. This is one of the oldest markets in Amsterdam. It is about 110 years old. Most of the bigger stalls have been there for close to 50 years!


How big is the market?

(Compared to other markets, or how much time is recommended) – Compared to an IJ Hallen, this market is half it’s size. In about 2 hours, at the max, the market can be covered from end to end.


What is being sold?

The range of products is as diverse as it comes. From clothes, to stationery items, toiletries, household items, warm clothing, food (meat, cheese, fish), flower market, jewelry and other decorative items, shoes and the list goes on an on. What is an added advantage to this place, is that all the big supermarkets of the Amsterdam are also present here – like Albert Heijn, ethos, Kruidvat, Zeeman etc.


There are also a lot of authentic stores for international cuisines like an Indian store that sells spices and some staple food from the country. Also has an exclusive Jewish store for the authentic food products etc.


Also has the famous Mc Donald’s and KFC for grabbing a quick bite, although the market itself presents a variety of food stores to choose some authentic dutch dishes from. In the pictures is a small Vietnamese food store at the market.


 What are the prices like?

The prices are quite cheap. Most of the products range between 1 to 3 euros. Most of the times they have a combo offer going on different products – like buy 2 get 2 free etc… A great place to do bulk shopping for groceries, and household items like cutlery, furnishings etc.


How is the market managed/organized?

The market is spread out on the entire dapper street along the length of it. There are stalls lining up on either side of the road, and most of these stalls also have an established store at the back of these stalls, that operate during the non-market hours.


Who are the vendors?

Most vendors here are Asian, Turkish, African, Vietnamese, and Dutch. And as mentioned above they sell everything from hairpins to carpets.


The atmosphere is quite crowded, milling with shoppers. The vendors are very friendly, and are ready to help international travelers. A vendor even gave us tips to ask permission before snapping pictures of stalls, as some of them tend to get offended and snatch the camera away if they are very upset!! The quality of the products is quite good, and they are all available at really cheap prices. So this is a market one should not miss for their weekly or monthly shopping trips.


The place is surrounded by supermarkets, cafés, and anything you are looking for. The Brouwerij ‘t IJ (the IJ Brewery) is just a stone’s throw from Dapper market, that the first time visitors should not miss.

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 My experience

Did you buy anything?

Yes, me and my best friend from uni brought some bicycle related accessories, a mixture of dry fruits, and some street food. In our earlier visit, we brought pillows (2 for 3 euros), a host of groceries within 10 euros.


Did you speak with anybody?

We spoke to 2 vendors who had a stall there, one was a cheese vendor and the other a dry fruit vendor. Videos attached. Both stores have been around for about 50 years now.


Top tips

  • Remember to carry cash, as the stalls do not accept cards of any kind.
  • The nearest cash machine is next to the KFC at the corner, ING bank machines. There are two of them opposite to each other. Another one is inside the Albert Heijn supermarket.
  • The cleanest toilet is at KFC, where there is a payment of 50 cent to use it.

Who you find Dappermarkt interesting to explore?


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34 thoughts on “Markets Of Amsterdam: Dappermarkt”

  1. Avatar of Franca

    Love markets and it’s a shame that both times I went to Amsterdam I didn’t see this one, it’s impressive that it’s on 6 days a week. Next time I must go ;)

  2. Avatar of Arti

    What a beautiful little market, lovely name too!!
    Love how you gave us all a tour Agness and also included all the details :)
    Certainly looks very colorful :)

  3. Avatar of The Guy

    This looks like a fun market with a lot of range of products. I think the prices are very appealing too. You want it to be affordable after all. In fact this place reminds me of a market quite close to where I live.

    Also, as someone who has read your book on the markets of Amsterdam I can highly recommend it for anyone interested.

    Great article Agness with lots of good information. I don’t think you left any question unanswered.

  4. Avatar of Constance - Foreign Sanctuary
    Constance - Foreign Sanctuary

    I would love to go to this market as they sell a variety of goods and it looks so colorful – especially those beautiful vibrant flowers for sale!

  5. Avatar of Rachel@safari254

    I would love to go to this market, looks so exciting and colorful. Love how it is has many people from different nationalities.

  6. Avatar of Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I love visiting markets on my travels – it’s one of my favourite activities and in fact receently wrote a post all about some of the markets I found in Brussels recently. If I ever go to Amsterdam, I’ll definitely try and check this out. Great tip about the camera – I learned myself in the past that some vendors do indeed get very offened so now I try and ask or at least suss out whether or no the vendors seem easy-gonig about photography. Lovely boots and shoes on sale at this market it seems!

  7. Avatar of Alex-Wanderlust Marriage

    Wonderful guide to Dappermarkt! It’s been a few years but I remember that cheese guy :-)

    I love that you even included what the best bathroom in the area is- that’s very handy.

    Asides from great cheese, dips, olives, sausages, etc we liked buying chicken breast from the butcher there. Pretty much everything there is better quality than what you’ll find at the super markets!

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