Last updated: 8 February 2018
In 2014 Lonely Planet named Malawi one of the top ten places to go and yet is largely shunned by tourists. The country on the east of Africa is landlocked, but it is graced with beautiful beaches along the banks of Lake Malawi. Dominated by the beautiful Great Continental Rift, Malawi is blessed with mountains, lush valleys and tropical forests. The rehabilitated game reserves teem with wildlife

The magnificent lake has been formed in the basin of the continental rift. With up to one thousand fish species this lake has the highest number of fish species of any in the world. The colorful fish draw many to dive and snorkel in these waters. The clear water also draws a variety of birds and animals.


Malawi is one of the rare examples of peaceful co-existence on a continent riddled with conflict. It is safe and there is little crime. The people of the country are known for their friendly outlook and will invariably greet and welcome visitors.

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