Last updated: 8 April 2018
Independent since 2008, Kosovo is Europe’s youngest democracy. Situated in the Balkans, landlocked Kosovo’s interior consists of a fertile plain surrounded by soaring mountains, with fifty peaks that exceed two hundred meters. The many lovely waterfalls, burbling streams and tranquil lakes against the background of steep and rugged mountain slopes make this is a great hiking destination.

The capital Pristina is full of lively coffee shops, bars, cafes and modern restaurants. Janjeva, a picturesque twelfth-century town, is situated close by.

Explore the lovely old town in the riverside city of Prizren. It has cobbled streets and lovely stone bridges. Find Ottoman Mosques and Orthodox and Catholic Churches and visit the twelfth-century Monastery of the Patriarchate of Pec.


Kosovo is one of the least expensive destinations in Europe. Public transport is good, the crime rate is low, and the locals are friendly and helpful.

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