We need an English teacher on early August work in beautiful city Hangzhou,China

ELF English has been open for over 7 years and has been growing ever since. It’s a small but bright and vibrant school where our students and friendly staff are always smiling.the school located in the city of Hangzhou which is only 45minutes to Shanghai by high-speed train.

We are currently looking for a new teacher to start to work on early August,2016. The school offer a great salary, a friendly work environment and a great cultural experience in the city of beautiful Hangzhou,China.

School Name: ELF English

Available Positions: 1

Starting Times: Early August,2016

Contract: 1 Year

Class Size: 10 or less

Age Groups: 3-15 years old

Maximum working hours: 24 hours per week.

Office hours: No

Payment: Monthly 7500-9000RMB per month

Housing Allowance: 1500RMB per month

Contract finish bonus: 5000RMB

Class Times: Tuesday-Friday evening, Saturday&Sunday daytime

What we are looking for:


Open personality

native English speaker

Aged 21-30

Degree Preferred but not required

TESL Certificate Preferred

Experience Preferred

Here are some reflections about ELF from our two teachers:

~ I’m Nikolai. I’m an American who worked at Elf English Center in Hangzhou for 2 years. Overall I can say it was an easy and interesting work experience. The school was smaller and relative to bigger chain schools it tends to cater to each teacher’s individual needs. The workers and boss are all easy to get along with and wonderful to work along side.  The work schedule is not too long and as long as you can run your class well and keep the kids interested you won’t have to be at school any more time than it takes to organize that days class and to teach (no sitting around idle in the office because the school wants you to fulfill some arbitrary number of working hours). Also you will get to know your students quite well and this turns out to be a real life saver as time goes by. No one wants to just

shuffle through kids never really knowing if they are learning anything,  and at Elf you don’t have to worry about this unfortunately common problem.

~ My name is Johnny, I’m an American and I was an English teacher at ELF English for one year. During my time there, I had a very positive experience.The best aspect of the school is its size. Since it is a smaller school, I

was able to develop a much closer relationship with everyone there: the TA’S, fellow teachers, students and the owner, Anne. Another huge benefit of the smaller school is the ability to play a larger role in class planning and teaching methods. The school is dedicated to teacher feedback and working out new teaching methods. After talking to some friends at larger franchise schools, I realized how great a smaller school is. While they were complaining about the rigidity of a franchise school where they feel like cogs in a machine, dealing with bureaucratic nonsense and menial busy work, we were discussing amongst ourselves what has worked and what we would like to try in the future. I would also say Anne has been nothing but great as a boss. She places a lot of trust in the teachers, so once you get the hang of things, she will leave you to teach your classes however you see fit. She is very accommodating about finding time off for travel and granting the staff holidays. It makes the job much better knowing you have the respect and trust of your boss.

Good Luck With Your Decision,


If you are interested in this position, please send an email to antraveler@gmail.com with the following documents:

~ resume

~ degrees/certificates

~ recent photo

~ copy of passport

or if you have wechat, please add my account antraveler

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

ELF English Center