23k monthly salary for Native teachers in XSCHOOL in Beijing ASAP

X SCHOOL is an after school enrichment program developed for bilingual students. We focus on social/emotional competencies, 21 century skills, and STEAM based projects.

Location: Shunyi / Chaoyang park/ Wangjing district of Beijing

Student’s age: 5-15

Class Size: 3-12 students


  1. 17k fixed monthly salary
  2. 5k monthly house reimbursement
  3. 1k monthly phone& other reimbursement
  4. 6k yearly flight tickets after completing contract
  5. 10 paid working holidays 

Working Hours

  • Teaching hours: 20-25 per week
  • Office hours: 15-20 

Working Schedule

  • Weekends 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (12:00-1:00 lunch)
  • Weekdays 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Mon-Fri with two days off)

Key Requirements

  • Native Speaker. Fluency in English Grammar/Accent
  • 2 years teaching experience (training schools, public schools, in China/overseas)
  • Bachelor Degree in English speaking country (Education degree preferred)
  • A Drama background
  • Strong interpersonal skills/ team skills
  • Global Perspective
  • Other hobbies and interests
  • Open minded/flexible

Please forward qualified resumes to…

Email: emmalyl@xschool.com

wechat: emmalyl