Last updated: 24 December 2017
Iran, formerly Persia is a stark and arid land, with an ancient past.

Teheran, the capital is a typical metropolis with shops and commercial centres like any other. The lovely Alborz Mountains overlook the city, and are popular for both skiing and hiking.

The city of Esfahan is endowed with a number of splendid palaces and stunningly beautiful mosques. It also includes a Cathedral and the ancient Fire Temple of Esfahan.

Visit the ancient marble ruins of Persopolis built around 550BC. It is close to the beautiful city of Shiraz, home to the Karim Khan Citadel, with its magnificently decorated walls.


Visit Kandohan where houses dating back seven hundred years have been carved into the hillside. In Abayaneh, stone houses blend in with the hills on which they are built. The brick roads are lined by simple homes with lovely old wooden balconies.

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