Impossible is Nothing: Singing Chinese Song

If you think that Chinese language is difficult, try to sing a Chinese song :). I did and that is another great experience I won’t forget when leaving China in a few weeks. “Chuan Qi” (literally translated into English as “Legend”) by Wang Fei (王菲) became my favourite Chinese song since I heard it for the first time. I loved the molody even though I had no clue what Wang Fei was singing about. However, I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with this tune. This song quickly became no.1 in China and everyone was listening to it or singing it. For this reason, I decided to learn it by heart one day.



I went to Junior 1 office and asked one of my best friends to teach me the lyrics. Jordan was like “Are you gonna learn it by heart? Really? Are you sure?” I Said “Do I look like I was kidding?” He wrote the lyrics down, translated it into English for me and taught me the proper pronunciation with the right tones. I practiced it at home a lot. Moreover, I kept listening to it all the time when going to the school or exercising. After a month, I performed the song in front of my students and the principal and they were overwhelmed. Some teachers even said I sounded like a native speaker of Chinese. It was so nice to hear it after all my effort put into the preparation. After this performance, I was asked to sing the song during the anniversary of one of the biggest shops in Huayuan, then performed it during Christmas show at school and a few parties organised by the police.

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One day, I brought my camera to the school and Jordan came up with an idea of recording us. So we made a video of me singing and Jordan playing his guitar. We had a great fun. I uploaded the video on YouTube and it looks like people enjoy watching it. The song was a challenge for me but at the same time it was a great experience and a lot of fun. My Chinese is getting better every day and I have made a huge progress since I came here :).

YouTube video

The complete set of lyrics in Traditional Chinese characters to this song comes as follows:





想你時你在天邊 想你時你在眼前

想你時你在腦海 想你時你在心田




我一直在你身旁 從未走遠


Here is the song translated into English:

Only because I gave you one more glance out of the crowd

I can never forget your face again

Dreaming that one day we will meet again coincidentally

Starting from then I started yearning lonelily


When thinking of you, you are under the far edge of the sky

When thinking of you, you are just in front of my eyes

When thinking of you, you are on my mind

When thinking of you, you are in my heart


Rather believe that we had a promise in your past lives

That our love story in this life will not change again

Rather spend my whole life waiting for you to discover

That I’m always by your side


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