How To Stay In Shape When Traveling: 15 Easy And Useful Tips

We, travel bloggers, love to travel and EAT. When traveling to another country, trying the local food seems to be almost as important as sightseeing or learning about the history. I think it intensifies your cultural experience in some kind of way and I do really love that everything has evolved like this. I love to try so much new food – it’s just part of my travel lifestyle nowadays and as food is a huge part of a country’s identification and culture, I’d say it’s kind of necessary to write about in order to see the whole picture.

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We love to indulge ourselves in deep fried dumplings, sausage rolls, local cakes and pastries or have a pint or two (or even more) of beer or a glass of wine, huh? However, we all (or at least most of us) want to maintain a healthy weight, stay in shape and feel comfortable with your bodies when traveling, right? Here arises the question:

Top tips from a travel foodie

1 – Keep yourself hydrated

Try to drink as much water as possible, especially when traveling in such hot countries as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. We always carry a big bottle of water when going sightseeing. I also like to drink a glass of hot water with a slice of lemon every morning to wake myself up, speed up my metabolism and this is a great digestive aid and liver cleanser.

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2 – Eat small portions of food every 2-3 hours throughout the day

Go for a breakfast, lunch and dinner and two healthy snacks in between (raw nuts, veggies, fresh or dried fruits). Eating regular meals is crucial to keep your metabolism going all day long.

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3 – Try to eat a lot of fresh fruits, veggies and nuts

Asia is great for local fruit and veggies markets. You can grab a healthy smoothie nearly everywhere!

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4 – Plan your snacks

Pack some fruits, nuts and sliced veggies when going sightseeing for all day.

5 – Green tea instead of coffee

6 – If you crave some sugary stuff, try to have them in the morning or early afternoon

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7 – Have your last meal 2 hours before bedtime

8 – Choose grilled, smoked or steamed food over deep-fried

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9 – Try the food, eat it slowly and leave the table when you’re satisfied, not totally full

10 – Eat clean as much as possible and support local restaurants

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11 – Walk everywhere

Try to avoid taxis and local transport. It’s not only good for my healthy but for my wallet as well.

12 – Try some yoga before your breakfast and sleep

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13 –  Stay active throughout the day

Rent a bike and cycle the city.

14 – Do 20 minute cardio in the morning

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15 – Visit a local gym

 What are your secrets to stay healthy when on the road?


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