5 Top Tips On How To Get The Best Of Travel Packages With A Guided Itinerary

When some of us planned a vacation in the past, it usually included hotel and airfare reservations with some thoughts about daily activities. Today’s savvy traveler wants more than just a pool at the hotel, however. Vacations are packed with new experiences and locations, but not all travelers are aware of their options. Travel packages with a guided itinerary are becoming some of the hottest vacation selections. However, the question is: how can you get the best of it?

Tip 1: Evaluate Your Party’s Needs.

Every vacation is dependent on the group’s desires and abilities. If you have a mainly older group, for example, an urban or city escape could be the perfect getaway.

Young families may look for more adventure with zip-lining and camping out. Take a look at your entire family to decide on the right location and activities. Everyone should feel comfortable with the selection before even walking out the door.

Tip 2: Choose A Package Carefully.

All travel packages have different amenities, inclusions and exclusions. Although a package looks tempting, read over all the information carefully. There are certain amenities you can do without, but others that are necessary for your group. If you can’t find a package tailored specifically for your needs, the offering company may have options not listed on the website or brochure. Always contact the company or search for another until you find the right fit. A vacation is an investment you want to create and match to your needs almost exactly.

Tip 3: Pack Smart.

Selecting the right vacation is just the start so pack according to your itinerary. It’s often expensive to buy some items at the destination, such as shoes. Be sure to bring all your necessities based on the scheduled activities. Rain ponchos are a smart addition if you’re visiting a rainforest or river area, for example. Consider all the aspects of a region to remain comfortable, especially for younger or older travelers.

 Tip 4: Questions, And More Questions.

Whether your vacation is guided or not, ask as many questions as you please. Hotel staff, in particular, know the area and popular amenities. They’ll usually have tips about places or activities to pursue as well. If you have a guided vacation, don’t be concerned about bothering the guide. It’s their job to help you have the best experience ever. You essentially become their best friend for the vacation’s duration.

Tip 5: Be Survey Honest.

Vacation packages usually come with a survey near the end of the experience. Although you’re on vacation, don’t overlook this aspect. By providing positive criticism, you help the company improve their system and offerings. If you’d like to see a longer stay at a campground, for instance, make this remark on the survey. Consumers shape the programs offered so next year might be even better than this year. You may even see a discount in the future from a helpful survey sheet.

Being aware of your group’s desires and limitations is the best area to begin your vacation planning. From whitewater rafting to hiking in the hills, you have numerous choices for your adventurous clan. Allow everyone to add in their opinions about the next vacation to start planning. The world is waiting for you to discover it.

Are you more into Travel Packages With a Guided Itinerary or Independent Travels?


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12 thoughts on “5 Top Tips On How To Get The Best Of Travel Packages With A Guided Itinerary”

  1. I also see it convenient to use tour packages. Thanks for these tips. They are very helpful, especially in group tours where one has to adjust to the others’ preferences as well.

  2. Another great insight here Agness.

    I think your last point is highly valid. It is much better to give the tour operator direct feedback for them to improve their service and make it better next time.

    Often people may feel under pressure there and then to say they liked everything. Only once they leave do they tell their friends the things they didn’t like. This is a missed opportunity since the tour operator has no chance to correct it.

  3. Hi Agness…yep, it’s me. How ironic as I’m literally on Amazon right now shopping for a international power adapter and your post notification popped up in my email. I want to get to Germany very badly this next year. Since I don’t have anyone to go with me or anyone experienced that I KNOW to go with me as a guide – I’m having to look at guided tours.

  4. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Oh thats very handy, I am just doing price comparisons today for flights to Asia today. I thank you very much Agness for this timely post. :) I am more of an travel package kinda girl with a little bit of independent too. I like to do a tour and get familiar, then adventure out on my own when I feel more comfortable with my new surrounds. Hope you have a fabulous weekend lovely one. xox

  5. Glamourous Traveller

    Good advice. Personally I go with guided tours on places that I think would have most benefit from having someone explain it to you. Mostly this covers historical places like the Pyramids, or Hagia Sofia, of even the Alcazar in Granada. For other places that I think are easier to manage on my own, I prefer just going on a personal trip as it gives you time to digest and come up with your own stories as well. Most cities in Europe for me can be done individually, but some historical sites (like Athens!) should deff be done guided

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