Last updated: 8 February 2018
A former French colony on the west coast of Africa, this country has huge mineral deposits and the potential to be one of the richest countries in Africa but it is one of Africa’s poorest, having to deal with thousands of refugees from neighbouring countries.

Conakry City the capital shows the effects of the unrest which has torn the nation apart over the years, but the vibrant markets and beer bars where Malinke music is played are worth a visit. Just off the capital city a group of islands, Iles de Los, floats in the ocean. The palm-fringed sandy beaches of these islands are warm all year round and are serviced by resort hotels. They can be reached by boat.


The forest reserves are home to mongooses, manatees, chimpanzees and giant pangolins. The emerald green slopes of Mount Nimba, tower over the Savannah grasslands and the surrounding green pasture and are home to zebra, duiker and pygmy hippos amongst other animals. Nicknamed the water tower of Africa more than twenty of Africa’s rivers originate in the highlands of Guinea and bestow upon the soil lush and verdant vegetation.

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