Last updated: 8 February 2018
Guinea-Bissau is a small country on the bulge of Africa. Just off its coastline is Africa’s only archipelago, the Bissagos. The archipelago consists of eighty-eight tropical islands and is a biosphere reserve. On these islands long, powdery beaches surround wetlands and mangrove swamps. The ocean surrounding the islands is home to sharks, turtles and manatees, and the area is great fishing and diving. The islands shelter salt water hippo, chimpanzees, monkeys and buffalo as well hundreds of species of birds.

Much of the coastline of Guinea-Bissau is low lying and covered in mangroves so many people in the country travel by boat. The banks of the mangroves swamps are scattered with picturesque, traditional round mud and straw huts.


The people of Guinea- Bissau are some of the poorest on earth and have been subjected to coups and civil wars since independence. The result is crumbling infrastructure. There are however still some examples fading colonial charm in the homes and buildings left by the Portuguese.

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