Last Updated: 24 December 2017
Once the home of the ancient Maya, still home to the modern Maya Guatemala is situated in Central America. Here you can find the best preserved ancient Mayan towns and the largest Mayan Stelae ever discovered. These enormous stone slabs are intricately carved with drawings and hieroglyphics. In the highlands modern Maya still live and practice their ancient traditions. Here churches share ground with pagan temples, and here you’ll find the largest native market in North America.

Guatemala boasts twenty-three active volcanoes. A volcano regularly spews ash clouds over the beautiful city of Antigua, established at its base. Antigua is typical Spanish colonial city with cobbled plazas, churches, houses and lovely gardens. It is as pretty as a picture postcard.


Beautiful Lake Atitlán, in the crater of a volcano, is surrounded by three volcanoes and encircled by little villages. Coffee plantations grow in the surrounding valleys.

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