Last updated: 26 March 2018
The French archipelago of Guadeloupe consists of five islands located in the Caribbean. The two main islands are linked by bridges and resemble the wings of a butterfly. Despite having been colonised by a number of European countries, the culture and cuisine of the islands is strictly French, and you can enjoy French cuisine at its best in Guadeloupe.

In the port city of Point-a-Pitre, the capital, colorful and pungent markets, where spices and tropical fruits are sold draw visitors daily.  The beaches come in an assortment of colors from pink to black and golden yellow to powdery white. Here the warm Caribbean waters invite sun lovers to participate in the many exciting water sports.


In the Guadeloupe National Park find rainforests, coastal forests, waterfalls and mangroves. Climb the slopes of the active volcano. The view from the top is spectacular and the sides of the volcano are still warm to the touch. Hot springs, mud baths and sulphur pools are scattered all over the islands, warm therapeutic waters spawned by the volcano.

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