Greetings and Many Thanks for our Supporters, Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers from Hue, Vietnam

Greetings from Hue

We cycled 1000km so far (half of the way) and now we are enjoying ourselves in Hue on a lovely swan boat with a stunning scenery behind us (that is a good reward for the cycling effort we made!) :) Hue is a birthplace of Vietnamese cuisine, architecture, court music festivals, royal dance, fine art and history (more about Hue in the next blog post). We are staying here for about 2 days to charge our energy and then carry on BIKING VIETNAM!

Many thanks for our followers, fans and supporters

We would like to thank you all for your support, kind words and e-mails we receive every day. We never said it and it is a high time to say how grateful and thankful we are for each re-tweet on Twitter, “Like” on our Facebook Fan Page, comment on our website and finally e-mails. We inspire you to travel and you guys inspire us to travel further and longer.

For this occasion, we made a spontaneous video for you! This is our first video and won’t be the last one, that’s for sure, so you can finally see us and hear us. Hope you like it.

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