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There’s no question that traveling is one of the most important decisions you could ever make in your life. For your physical, mental and even spiritual well being, exploring the cultures and corners of the world is enlightening, empowering and essential. However, depending on where you go and who you are, it isn’t always easy (particularly for long-term travelers) and every now and again we need to find a place to recharge. This then is where I first discovered glamping.

Bliss, perfect bliss.

Having just finished a wonderful road trip around the Balkans with Cez and Lydia, I was desperate to get back to nature. As fun and memorable as spending time with those two lovebirds always is, a hectic travel itinerary ensured it was time for me to recharge my batteries with my own partner in crime. And what better way to do it than to get in touch with Glamping Hub, whisk myself off to a remote spot in the Netherlands’ countryside and escape civilization for a while. So, make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and picture yourselves in a little slice of heaven on earth…

What is Glamping?

Admittedly, I’m late to this game too, and it was my first time enjoying this increasingly popular holiday experience although it’s not new. Glamping, as you might have guessed, is a portmanteau of glamour and camping. While it’s a relatively fresh word (appearing in the dictionary for the first time in 2016) the concept has been around for centuries (particularly if you were royalty). The practice of luxuriously decking out tents isn’t exactly avant-garde, but as a step up from normal camping and a step down from hotels, it’s proving to be a blossoming sector of the tourist industry.

How cozy is that?!

And it isn’t strictly limited to posh tents. We had ourselves a charming wooden pod for the weekend as you can see, but you can also stay in yurts, tipis, tree houses, cabins – whatever takes your fancy! Remember when you used to build forts out of bed sheets when you were a kid? It’s kind of like that – but for adults! Check out Glamping Hub’s new video if you want to know more.

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Into the Wild

So, after bidding my two travel companions farewell (at least until next time) I boarded a plane bound for a cold and grey Amsterdam. I didn’t tarry long in the city though, as beautiful as it is whatever the weather, and with a new companion in tow I made my way to the Gelderland region of the Netherlands, close to the city of Arnhem – but at the same time a million miles away from it!

A cup of coffee, a good book and sitting here. What more could one want?

I had been craving nature following a recent spate of city hopping, and this glamping site did not disappoint. We were deep in the Veluwezoom National Park, a backdrop that reminded me of the forest in the first Twilight movie.

Although we did try a spot of wildlife spotting and gentle hiking, we didn’t find any vampires or werewolves – just a serene, calming and peaceful experience away from the trials and tribulations of the modern world! And waking up every morning for my fitness routine in the wilderness to the chorus of birdsong was enough to recharge even the deadest of batteries!

A Home from Home

Our accommodation on this particular glamping occasion happened to be a delightful wooden pod, looking like something out of a fairy tale. Inside was deceptively spacious and they can fit up to four guests, but still with that warm and fuzzy snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug feeling.

Inside of my adorable rental pod.

Each pod has a private shower room, toilet, and kitchenette, providing everything you need to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Sitting out on the furnished terrace was a particular highlight, and they even have a fire pit available to cuddle around on those chillier autumn nights!  

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Why is it so Popular?

There’s a whole host of reasons Glamping is in the ascendency, not least because people are looking for something a little different when researching their next getaway. Not everyone is a big fan of the stresses of camping, especially during those moments when you’re having a screaming match with your significant other about how to put the tent up. But people still love the great outdoors – so what if you could go “camping” without all the extra hassle? Thus, glamping was born!

Finally, some peace and quiet.

Glamping affords you all the pleasure of camping while at the same time eliminating all the effort. This leaves you much more time to relax and enjoy your holiday, showering you in creature comforts at the same time. Sure, it’s fun to sleep in the woods, but not so much when you’ve not had access to a shower or a delicious meal for days. You can understand how more discerning travelers and vacationers are thrilled at the notion of this refreshing hybrid!

Food, Glorious Food!

Speaking of delicious meals, this particular glamping location had a restaurant on site, aptly named WOODZ. As well as the opportunity to cook your own fare (which we did several times thanks to the facilities available) we also indulged in some fine coffee and cuisine and let someone else do the washing up!

You wouldn’t get this out of a tin!

Then, of course, there’s the added bonus of being able to dine outside in such beautiful surroundings, fresh air, and that all-important nature. The staff on hand were super friendly too – it was everything I needed a weekend break to be!

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The First Time, but Certainly not the Last Time

I’ve been bitten by the glamping bug! After the tank was running on empty I had a much needed relaxing few days combining glamour with camping, and I can’t wait to try it somewhere else around the world. If you need to unwind and recharge, there’s really very little that can rival a creature-comfort cabin in the woods. Well, maybe a fully pimped out tent, or a wigwam with a chandelier! Who knows what treats could be in store next time? Glamping Hub hasn’t heard the last of me, but now it’s back to the stresses of work, just so we can do it all again. And hey – maybe we’ll change the name of the blog to eGlamping?!

Have you ever tried glamping? Let us know your experiences!


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