Last updated: 24 December 2017
The birthplace of Joseph Stalin, Georgia lies between Eastern Europe and Western Asia in the Caucasus Mountains. This land has been blessed with the best that Mother Nature has to offer. The spectacular mountains, which include the highest peak in Europe, are also home to some of the highest villages. High up in the mountainside a most unusual fortress city, built in the twelfth century, leads deep into the rock.

Georgia’s wine industry dates back seven thousand years and the vineyards make some very fine wines at very affordable prices. Georgia was one of the first countries to take to Christianity and the mountains are full of monasteries and churches. The emerald green hillsides and valleys surround these and the tiny stone houses and watchtowers, built in centuries past.


In the capital city, Tbilisi, narrow tree-lined streets and colorful old houses mingle with modern shops, cafes and restaurants. The old town clinging to a cliff side, sports ancient churches, mosques and sulphur baths.

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