Last updated: 8 February 2018
The smallest country in Africa has just eighty kilometres of coastline, but the coast that it does have is magnificent. Sandy white beaches are fringed with coconut palms and dotted with colorful little fishing villages and holiday resorts. The tropical temperatures are warm all year round. Here you can horseback ride on Atlantic coastline or dance to the beat of traditional drums.  

The River Gambia dominates the landscape since the country essentially occupies its floodplain. Along its banks live six hundred species of birds, hippos, monkeys and crocodiles. Many of the birds are rare and the area attracts bird lovers from around the world.

The Gambia

Here you can find stone circles reminiscent of Stone Henge and of a similar age, visit a chimpanzee rehabilitation centre, or canoe through wetland reserves and mangrove forests.

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