Last updated: 8 February 2018
Gabon, a land of extraordinary eco-systems on the west coast of Africa, boasts unspoilt white beaches, dense rain forests, savannah grasslands, mangrove swamps and torrential rivers.  This is probably one of the only places on earth where wild animals such as buffalo, elephants, hippos, chimps and turtles can be found roaming the pristine beaches, as over two hundred kilometres of coastline form part of a reserve. In the ocean whales and dolphins sometimes share the waters with basking hippos. This is one of the best sports fishing destinations in Africa.

A selection of extraordinary wild birds makes the Savannah grasslands home and herds of elephant roam here. The mangrove swamps alongside the lagoons are also unique ecosystems hosting an exquisite variety of fauna and flora.


As in many other African countries infrastructural problems, poor roads and a lack of public transport make it difficult to reach the wild and natural splendour, but this is slowly changing as capital flows into Gabon on the back of newfound oil reserves.

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