French Guiana

Last updated: 24 December 2017
On the North East Coast of South America, this French territory is composed mostly of tropical rain forests, rich with wild life. It is a great destination for hikers, bird lovers and nature lovers. It also has some unique and unexpected attractions.

Ecuador, in the middle of the jungle and with limited infrastructure, is nonetheless the site three separate space agencies. Witness one of the five to ten rocket launches that take place there every year.

Devil’s Island, immortalised in the book Papillion, is no longer used as prison, and is now home to an interesting array of wild life including macaws and monkeys.

French Guiana

Visit Hattes Beach between April and July when the giant Leatherback Turtles come in to breed. This is the most important turtle-breeding site in the world. There are also three other breeding turtles that use this beach to lay their eggs.

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