Four Unbelievable Places to Camp

Camping is an incredible way to spend your time: surrounded by nature, taking life slowly, seeing things you may never have seen before. While it’s easy to find some stellar camping spots all over the world, sometimes we yearn for a new adventure—something out of the ordinary.


Ditch the typical campground and seek out a new experience. These four unique places to camp will wow you, and have you plotting to find a way to reach them as quick as possible.

Pfronten, Germany

Waldseilgarten is primarily a ropes course, filled with obstacle courses and zip lines, it doubles as an incredible camping spot. Soar into the German sky on a simple wooden pallet—complete with property-provided sleeping bags.


These porta ledges are raised a few meters off the ground, suspending you and your crew in the air for the night. As you lay there during the night, gaze upward to a sky which is said to contain 1,000 stars. You’ll be hooked to a rope for safety while you sleep—a sure sign that this thrilling nighttime adventure will have your adrenaline pumping as you ascend.

Wilson Island, Australia

Travelers heading to the Great Barrier Reef tend to envision a day splashing around in the sea, looking downward then returning to the hotel. However, it doesn’t have to be that way; when you’re seeking unique places to camp, consider Australia’s Wilson Island. Accommodations on the island itself allow a maximum of 12 travelers to stay the night in only six tents.


With private decks and comfy hammocks, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the nearby ocean while enjoying the isolation of camping on a secluded island—that is otherwise uninhabited.

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Big Sur, California, USA

Stay in an actual work of art along California’s famed Pacific Coast Highway. Known as the Human Nest, this structure—crafted entirely of woven wood—allows you to sit atop the seaside cliffs and admire the water below. Filled with nothing but a mattress, guests must haul their gear up a small set of wooden stairs to reach the perch.

Sunset in California

This authentic camping experience is far from glamping, with absolutely no waterproof components available to protect visitors in the Human Nest from passing storms. Get outside and enjoy the rustic appeal of sleeping under the stars in this creative but cozy camping spot.

Bali, Indonesia

The town of Ubud on the island of Bali is the perfect place to relax. The Zen Hideaway, a popular hotel in the region, offers campers a unique experience—camping surrounded by a beautiful rainforest. The open-air concept, set on a raised platform, offers a cooling breeze to waft in and out of the wooden, thatched-roofed structure.


Take a ride on the shifty looking swing that sits on the property and you’ll find yourself swinging out over the surrounding plant life. Since you’re in a traditional town, you’ll also have a more authentic experience; stroll through the nature surrounding the Indonesia hideaway or stop into Ubud to experience local farming or cultural ceremonies.

And Don’t Forget

These unique places to camp aren’t your typical roadside campgrounds. When you’re traveling across the new terrain, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure to take along lightweight luggage travel bags. These unique spots often require you to watch where you step, or climb some unorthodox or rickety stairs. The lighter your bags, the easier it will be for you to maneuver the area safely. Pack plenty of protection for your skin. Since you’ll be outdoors a lot, you’ll be more exposed to the elements. A quality sunscreen will help during the day, but you may want to grab some bug repellent for the nights, depending on where you’re headed.


Finally, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open. This is important whenever you’re camping someplace new, but especially so when you’re enjoying these unique places to camp.

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