Last updated: 24 December 2017
Finland is situated in the extreme north of Europe. It boasts vast tracts of unspoilt nature. Heavily forested, with no mountains to speak of, it is home to bears, elk, reindeer and hundreds of species of birds. In winter, when ice and snow cloak every branch and roof top the landscape sparkles and shines in shimmering white. In summer the sun glitters off the nearly one hundred and ninety thousand lakes which are surrounded by green pastures and dotted with thousands of islands.  

The Northern Province of Lapland is one of the world’s best places to see the Northern lights. Visit Santa’s village by snowmobile or dogsled. Stay overnight in the ice hotel where even the beds are frozen. Climb up the beautiful and abundant ice formations. Visit the most northern zoo in the world and see arctic animals in their natural habitat.


In the capital, Helsinki, enjoy the lovely waterfront, modern architecture and abundant parks.

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