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We are delighted to announce that our Facebook Fanpage gathered 2000 likes. For this reason we decided to give away 10 eBooks Finding the Gypsy in Me by Teresa Roberts.

Finding the Gypsy in Me book cover

How to participate?

Share this image on your facebook timeline with a description answering “what stops people from traveling?”. Ten best answers (in my and Agness’s opinion) will  receive eBooks. Please remember to do it before the 11th of December 2012.

How will I know I won?

To ensure the competition results are as transparent as possible, we will:

  • message all winners directly on Facebook (may have to add you as friend first, depending on your settings)
  • Publish a list of winners on etramping.com and our facebook page
By taking part in the competition you agree to be listed as a winner, in case your entry won. Please allow us up to one week to go through all answers.

How will I receive the prize?

Once you have won, we will message you directly and ask for your email address. Then, we will gift the eBook to you via amazon.com.

Do I need to have kindle to read eBooks?

No, eBooks can be read on any PC, laptop or smart phone. All you need to do is to visit this page and read your eBooks in a browser or download an app to your device.

Book description

Some people only dream of leaving behind everything that is familiar to them in order to travel the world. Teresa actually did it! For the past five years, she has been leading a very unconventional life.This book is about her world travels and the international house-sitting business that helps to make these travels possible. It is also about making the choice to retire early and finding the courage to reinvent herself.
She not only includes a lot of autobiographical material about her experiences in foreign locations, but also explains in detail how an ordinary person can lead such an adventurous life. Teresa has lived in Spain, Ireland, Prague, Malta, an island in the Dutch Antilles, multiple cities in Mexico, England and Italy. She even lived on a 57-foot boat in a marina in Baja California. Usually, she takes care of homes for up to 90 days. This book is a testament to an alternative lifestyle that supports a different way of looking at money, time, and travel. It incorporates sound advice that is based on first-hand experience. Teresa may very well be the poster girl for how to be adventurous at any age, on any income.


Good luck!

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  • Wow, over 2,000 likes on FB, how did you do it and how quickly before you reached the magic number? Think I have a slight insight though since I just shared and took part in your competition :-)

    • Yeah, that’s a lot, we are so happy and it all happened since May 2012 when we started blogging seriously and sharing the stuff with other people. The book is amazing you should try to take the part in the competition to win it :)

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