Last updated: 24 December 2017
Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has possibly the most charming medieval old town of any destination. Picture postcard walls and turrets surround this pretty town, which opens up into a central market square. Cobble stoned streets surround medieval houses, the fourteenth century town hall and an exquisite old church.

Visit the sixteenth century castle of Rakvere, and enjoy the medieval theme park, where you can see just how people lived in centuries past.

Estonia’s coastline encompasses the Baltic Sea and the Finish Gulf, as well as one thousand five hundred islands. More than half of the land consists of forests and bogs, which are dotted with colorful timber clad villages.


The forest and the bogs, formed by glacial melt, are teeming with wild life such as deer, beavers, elk and boar. Explore the area by boat or kayak.  Hit the Nordic slopes in winter. In summer enjoy the coastal mud spas, once the holiday destination of tsars.

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