Last updated: 21 January 2018
This small and secretive North East African country has a one-thousand-kilometre coastline along the Red Sea. The Red Sea boasts lively coral reefs with some of the best diving spots on earth. Sail out to isolated Red Sea islands for a day of diving and a night under the stars.

Low lying along the coast Eritrea rises into mountainous heights that attain two thousand eight hundred meters. The mountains are populated with a huge variety of wildlife that includes baboons, elephants, lions, ostriches and some of the rarest of birdlife.

Over the centuries the country has been colonised by Turks and Egyptians and more recently in 1885 by the Italians. The result is a culture that has mixed influences of African, Middle Eastern and European backgrounds. Eritrea’s cities boast both modernistic and European architecture and modern infrastructure.


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