Equatorial Guinea

Last updated: 8 February 2018
One of the smallest countries in Africa, Equatorial Guinea is not located on the equator, but a little above. The country consists of a mainland and a group of small islands, located alongside Cameroon. Malabo, the capital is located on one of these islands. The official language is Spanish, and this is also the language spoken by the country’s rank and file.

Newfound oil has boosted the economy of the country and it is now the richest country per capita in Africa. This wealth has helped to fund new infrastructure, and now wonderful old Spanish colonial homes stand alongside newly built skyscrapers.

The country boasts two thousand square kilometres of protected forest reserves, teeming with wildlife, including sixteen primate species among these western lowland gorillas, hundreds of bird species, forest elephants and crocodiles.

Equatorial Guinea

Here you’ll find exotic black beaches lined with equatorial forests and palm-fringed white beaches, isolated and pristine.

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