Enjoy A Vacation And Keep Your Budget Intact On Your Lanzarote Holiday

Northeast of the Canary Islands is a unique place called Lanzarote that many holidaymakers return to year after year. Lanzarote holidays are very popular among travelers who want to have a great time without breaking their budget. Many of the island’s highlights are either free or rather inexpensive. With good budgeting you can experience the best of this beautiful island for under $25 a day and the following tips show you how easy it is.

Explore attractions that are free

La Graciosa, is heralded by many travel experts as one of the top 5 Lanzarote attractions, is a tiny island off the north tip of Lanzarote. It is perfect for hiking or cycling as it has no roads but plenty of beautiful beaches and other hotspots.

Visit the LagOmar house, a beautiful white stoned museum, art gallery, bar and restaurant all in one, backed by the hillside in Nazaret. You can explore the gallery, the gardens and walk through the water tunnel with stepping stones. Unfortunately, free entry has recently stopped but you can still go there for a reasonable €5 ($6.23) for adults and €2 ($2.49) for children.

But one of the things that can be done for free, since your holiday would be nothing without it, is enjoy the sun, sea and sand on the plethora of beaches around the island.

Use public transportation

Some of the Islands around have more services that are designed to cater for tourists than others (like airport transfers in Gran Canaria) but Lanzarote isn’t far behind. The local bus, called guaguas (pronounced wah-wah) is the most economical method of transportation. Tickets range from €0.81 ($1.01) and €2.67 ($3.33) and you can save even more, if you plan for multiple trips, by purchasing a bus pass at the bus station in Arrecife, which works out as half the regular price of each trip.

Eat out locally

Avoid food costs within resorts, which are rather expensive, and buy fresh produce from farmers’ markets and make your own packed lunches. You can also eat in simple town and village restaurants known as sociedades and teleclubs (social clubs) for inexpensive, local food and drink that are run by the local people.

Also, you can take advantage of the two-for-one discounts during happy hour that local bars provide from 5-6pm.So once you know where to visit and eat, and how to get there, putting $25 a day aside to enjoy Lanzarote couldn’t be easier because you may even spend next to nothing on some days.

Do you still think Lanzarote is expensive?


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21 thoughts on “Enjoy A Vacation And Keep Your Budget Intact On Your Lanzarote Holiday”

  1. I had never heard of this place before this post – thanks for sharing – it looks desolate but striking. And that food – om nom nom nom nom!

  2. KarolinaPatryk Travel blog

    Expensive places don’t exist when you plan everything in advance. Public transport, free tourist attractions, hostels and preparing your own meals. When you do all of these, you’ll save a lot of money for sure :)

  3. I’ve never been to Lanzarote and to be completely honest it never really appealed to me. The food looks yummy tough and I like its Mediterranean look and lifestyle, maybe I should reconsider and give it a try :)

  4. I onced watched a beautiful timelapse video made in Lanzarotte and the place looked very appealing. Generally I like to keep away from places like Gran Canaria or Mallorca for obvious reason, they are just overflooded with tourists, but I have to say after watching that video I changed my mind about it. I’ve heard there are so many great treks you can do there as well!

  5. How on Earth do they get wah-wah out that lol? :) Hey, that fresh food from the market on that platter on a beach to enjoy the view and relaxing and I would be a happy guy, Agness. A very Merry Christmas to you, Cez and your families! :)

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