El Salvador

Last updated: 1 April 2018
As welcoming as the locals are El Salvador, still retains the title as the most dangerous country in Central America. This is due to high crime rates, and it’s a pity because this small country has much to offer the tourist.

It has a reputation amongst surfers as one of the best surf destinations in the world. The water is warm all year round, and the surf is consistent.

The country boasts volcanoes, crater lakes, cloud forests, and more than five hundred bird species. Lush coffee plantations grace the slopes of the volcanoes, and in some places cloud forests cloak the peaks.  Find the beautiful Caldera Coatepeque. It is ten miles in diameter and was formed 72000 years ago with the collapse of an erupting volcano.

El Salvador

Here you can find the remains of a Mayan village recently extracted from the ash of a 640AD volcanic eruption and a cluster of Mayan step pyramids or explore the towns for colonial gems.

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