Last updated: 8 February 2018
Little changed since it was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the Caribbean island of Dominica is known as Nature Island. Dominica’s unspoilt wild beauty adorned the screens of cinemas as the chosen location for the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The mountainous island is covered in lush rain forest, filled with wild orchids, ferns and deep red anthuriums. The forested mountain slopes are home to a few rare plant and bird species, including two endangered species of parrot. With the highest concentration of dormant volcanoes in the world the island also boasts nine active volcanoes, deep river gorges, waterfalls and atop a mountain the second biggest thermal lake in the world.


This is a great adventure destination. Here you can dive in coral reefs, hike up the slopes of a volcano, or kayak through turbulent river waters. Beneath the twin Trafalgar falls that plunge from a cool mountain lake, relax in the geo-thermal springs and just absorb the smells, sounds and sights of the jungle.

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