Dolna Grupa, Poland, 12.12.2011

I have arrived in Zagan, where I was warmly welcomed by Agness’s mother, Barbara W. Even though I speak to Agness nearly every day, as soon as I went into the house, I was “thrown” to the laptop with Agness already on the line. That was funny. I’ve spent in my mother-in-law-to-be’s house 2 wonderful days. Hospitality at its highest I was treated like a king, I surely have not deserved it. It was also great to see them all again and instantly feel homely.

Everything good has to end, so I decided to continue my journey on Wednesday morning. I left home together with Barbara. She went to work, I went to look for a ride. It wasn’t easy at first, it seems to always be problematic to find a ride in a city. I went as far as I could, without repeating my mistake from the last trip (14 km walk). After waiting few minutes, Dorota (Agness’s sister) has stopped with her boyfriend. They were quite surprised to see me again, we obviously have spoken during the last 2 days. They were going the other way, but offered to pick me up on the way back. By the time they were back, I was already in a car with a businessman, who spoke on the hand-held phone all of the way and swore a lot. Still I was thankful for getting me out of town.

Once, on the country-side highway I was getting picked up with nearly no wait between the different drivers who only took me short distances. Predominantly, I found that people who stop for hitchhikers travel on their own, so it’s worth mentioning that there was one couple who stopped for me. They were indeed incredibly good people who would help anyone in need. It was great to talk to them because they were extremely positive and open. Bless them.

I think the funniest thing I found about Poland, and mostly the villages here, is the fact that nearly every family has got a satellite receiver. The dishes decorate nearly every house (you can see really small shed with one on one of the pictures), and sometimes even every window, as it’s shown on another photo (taken in Zagan).

My journey continued with few more drivers picking me up, when I found Adrian, who drove me all the way to Dolna Grupa. Well, it was by far my longest trip with one driver, and thankfully he turned out to be very good companion. Having conversation nearly all of the way, from Swiebodzin to where I write this note now, Adrian told me few things about himself. One of them was the reason why he is lorry driver. This is because he was hitchhiking around Poland and Europe when he was younger, now he is still eager to see places, so he travels and gets paid for it. Moreover, he is one of those people who stop for every hitchhiker, being once in their shoes, he knows what it’s like to wait for hours. Having heard loads of I am now for the past 4 or so hours. I would have been in Gdynia by 10 pm if I didn’t have to wait, but it’s now 11 pm and I still have not found a ride.

Visit photo album to see pictures taken on the way and see my previous post.

Ps. Sorry to post this note 2 months later.

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