Crazy Themed Cafes Around the World

Want to cuddle with a furry animal while drinking your coffee?

How about having a Victorian-era experience in modern Tokyo?

Or maybe you would like your next cup of Joe in a café that was made famous on TV?

Check out these fantastic café experiences across the world with us! As you may know, we love sipping coffees in different parts of the world.

Cure Maid Café, Tokyo

Maid cafes and anime fun are things that Tokyo is known for, especially in its Akihabara neighborhood. Maid cafes create an atmosphere that makes the visitor the master and the wait service are the servants. Although there are places with a bit more hype, check out Cure Maid café for a more authentic feel, as it was one of the original maid cafes established in this area!  Victorian style dress and Japanese food with European flair is featured here, and you’ll get an interesting (albeit a bit wacky) cultural experience! This location is just 2 minutes from the Suehirocho metro station on the Ginza line.


Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London

If you’re looking to spend some cuddly time with furry friends, then look no further than this wonderful cat café! This mini cat-colony of 9 cuddly creatures is free to wander around the two floors of the café and interact with the guests as they order a cup of tea or coffee. The experience is well worth the cover charge of 6.50 pounds, which is used to keep the cats happy and healthy. 

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London

Dinner in the Sky, Worldwide Locations

Ever wanted to eat while hanging high above the earth below? Well, Dinner in the Sky allows you to lift up your entire dining party up into the air, letting you have an incredible view of whatever lies below you, whether that be in Europe, Australia, Japan, India, China, or across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and beyond! Touching six of the seven continents, this incredible dining experience is also available for weddings or corporate meetings.

Dinner in the Sky

Urban Station, Multiple Locations

This is the solution that many entrepreneurs, writers, and from-home workers have been waiting for! It is a global office space that provides many needed services for people who just need some space to work, including great WiFi, phone chargers, printers, and even things such as meeting rooms and car services. They currently have 10 branches, mainly in and around Buenos Aires, and reaching into other South American countries.

Urban Station

Chocolate Café, Worldwide Locations

Indulge yourself in the rich and melt-in-your-mouth tastes of incredible chocolate! With locations across the US and across the world, Max Brenner Chocolate Bars are truly a unique experience that will put you on sensory overload.  You will never experience chocolate like this in any other place. Everywhere around you, there are chocolate motifs, musical chocolate compositions, and soaring tastes that are out of this world! Spending time in a chocolate bar is one of the best ways to spend the afternoon (or the whole day!). Experience Max’s fantastic chocolate creations, and you may feel a bit as if you walked into a modern day Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Chocolate Café

Central Perk, Beijing

If you’re a fan of the 90’s TV show Friends, then this is something you need to check out!  As an integral part of the Friends TV series, the Central Perk café in New York City was where the six main characters spent most of their time, and this scene was shown in nearly every episode of all 10 seasons. Although you won’t find this café in New York anymore, you can now find an exact replica of the café in Beijing! Located in the Chaoyang District, on the sixth floor of a building, you’ll be able to enjoy incredible replicas of the classic TV show’s sets, and enjoy a cup of coffee with the comforts of home! More than that, you’ll be able to watch constant reruns of Friends episodes, and sit on the big orange couch while sipping a cup of Joe. The experience is truly surreal!

central perk beijing

If you’re looking for a unique experience for your next cup of coffee, don’t forget to visit one of these incredible places! You’ll be surprised and amazing by the wonderful themes, be able to cuddle with cute animals, taste some of the most decadent creations on the planet, and more!

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So where will your next cup of coffee take you?


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