Crazy Monkeys In Bali

Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud, Bali. If this is your first time in Bali, specifically Ubud, The Monkey Forest is a must see. Lush greenery and, as the name suggests, monkeys, roam the enclave of serenity. Sounds like paradise, huh? Sure it’s peaceful, but after your second visit, it’s really just the same old park. Nothing else, apart from our relatives, sets this park apart from others, and there’s the risk of possibly traumatizing monkey attacks!

Ubud Monkey Forest
Mommy monkey holding her baby at Ubud Monkey Forest

Be Aware of Crazy Monkeys!

Monkey forest is the right place to visit if you want to see the monkeys interact with each other and the humans. There are approximately 600 monkeys of different age, who spend their time eating bananas, sweet potatoes, swimming in the fountain, climbing the trees, playing, jumping around and just living their normal life in the free.

IMG 22802
Monkeys at the Ubud Monkey Forest

All of the monkeys might look adorable, especially those small ones. Don’t be fool! The moment you buy those bananas from vendors to feed them, all the huge ones will gather around you. I threw the bananas on the floor because I saw a extremely huge one above the pillar aiming to jump onto me! A fellow traveler’s glasses were nearly snatched by the little monkey, such a smart fellow!

IMG 2353
One monkey stole someone’s glasses!

One thing to remember when visiting this place is to be respectful of monkeys and their habitat, and they will generally treat you nicely. They are very smart, so keep your cameras, airings, necklaces, sunglasses, purses put away or tied tightly to you. We watched at least 10 of them snatch something from someone and run to the entrance to give it to the banana sellers as trade for a snack.

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IMG 2262
One monkey drinking some juice from a bottle

Luckily, there are few local guards in the forest, who make sure people do not cross the line by trying to touch the monkeys, but if you want a picture with a monkey sitting on your shoulders, they will also help you to make it in a safe way.

Getting closer to monkeys

Would you ever trust these monkeys?


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55 thoughts on “Crazy Monkeys In Bali”

  1. Avatar of Stacey

    There’s no way I’d trust those monkeys! They might get a lot of contact with humans but they’re still wild animals.

    I do love the pictures though, they’re so cute (but wild,)

  2. Avatar of jasmine

    oh my gosh, this reminds me of the time monkeys started jumping out from the bushes just outside of Kathmandu.. and they were actually trying to snatch my bag and drink bottle – in quite an aggressive manner.. i ran as fast as i could, and the locals sitting nearby to the walking track were all laughing and staring at me.. monkeys, they looked so cute in everyones photos but really aren’t in person!

  3. Avatar of Ra

    Your last photo is in Uluwatu, the place where they have Kecak Dance performance after dark, and full of naughty monkeys. Cool monkey compilation photos by the way.

  4. Avatar of Michael aus Kenia

    its funny for the holiday, but we life with the monkeys in our garden. Its one family around 20 monkeys, when you dont close your door, the know the way in the kitchen.
    Also we wait months for the Mangos come reip, but then come the monkeys and eat all in one day. Its crazy

  5. Avatar of Ooa Revo

    I think we saw the same monkeys in Ubud, Agness! We also saw one eating out of a huge bag of Lay’s chips on a tree! Very useful tips you provided here, thank you! I’d also add to put away any plastic bag, as soon as they see one or even hear one and beeline towards you. If you’re interested in quality photos, videos and storytelling on top of traditional travel tips:

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