Couchsurfing Experience In Dubai

As you know, I’ve been around the world quite a bit. To make my travels even more affordable, authentic and fun, I joined Couchsurfing.

Exploring Dubai at night.

I crashed on many people’s couch in different cities. I had some good couchsurfing experiences as well as really bad ones. There were many moments of happiness and excitement, and only a few filled with anxiety and awkwardness. Well, it’s all part of the experience that this website provides. You take the risk hoping to collect only the good memories, or you take it safe and stay in a hostel. The choice is yours.

Once upon a time in Dubai…

A bit anxious and way too late than expected, me and Cez arrived at our couch in Dubai, Alex.We both were not expecting much, but a small couch to sleep on for a night. Nevertheless, once we entered Alex’s apartment, we got the feeling that this guy was so relaxed, hospitable and, above all, adventurous.

DSC08381 1
Welcome drinks at Alex’s apartment (the guy on the right).

We were not wrong. After talking to Alex for few minutes, me and Cez felt challenged for the first time doing couchsurfing. Why? This born and raised in Greece guy has actually experienced way more on the road than me and Cez combined together and been to places where we were only dreaming about going to. And no, he was not a 50 year-old pensioner.

Having a lot of fun with Alex’s friend.

Alex shared a lot of travel knowledge and stories with us that night. He sounded so passionate and true and it was the first time when we didn’t have to make ourselves the center of attention. We listed, we observed, we learnt and we absorbed his words like sponges.

Trick of the night by Agness.

Coming across someone like Alex, who lived in different countries, survived a lot of danger and difficulties and never gave up on traveling, was very inspiring. He was not another host who kept asking the same questions all over again: “Where did you travel to?”, “Where are you going next?”, “What’s your favourite place so far?” and “How do you fund your travels?”.

Exploring Dubai.

Believe me or not, but I felt connected with Alex like with nobody else on that trip (not including Cez of course). We talked, we laughed, had few drinks and even spent the whole morning together exchanging our experiences of exploring Dubai.

DSC08414 1
Picnic time!

He recommended us few free attractions in Dubai and top places you can’t miss in the city, making our trip to one of the most expensive cities in the world quite affordable and trouble free.

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If you had a bad couchsurfing experience in the past like I did and you are afraid of giving it another try, don’t be. You never know who your host may be. Yes, he or she could turn to be a total mistake and disaster, but there is a chance you meet a person like Alex who will push you to travel longer and further.

What’s been your recent couchsurfing experience?


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30 thoughts on “Couchsurfing Experience In Dubai”

  1. Avatar of The Guy Who Flies

    Looks like you guys had a great time in the amazing city of Dubai.

    I think you made a very good conclusion Agness. No 2 experiences are the same. There will be good and bad experiences whether couchsurfing, travelling, hotel or hostel stays. Sadly the bad experiences can ruin it from people enjoying the good ones.

    Great that you’ve been able to enjoy the positives.

  2. Avatar of Carmen Everywhere

    Nice article. Me too, I’m a big fan of CS and I use it all the time. I don’t know what I’d do without it. So far, most of my experiences have been positive but as you said that’s the risk you take with CS that you never know exactly what to expect but you always have the choice to change host after the first night if things don’t go well.

  3. Avatar of Królowa Karo

    A ja będę komentować uparcie po polsku, jeśli pozwolicie.
    Mam sporo znajomych, którzy korzystają z tej formy podróżowania i mają rzeczywiście sporo doświadczeń dobrych i złych, podobnych do Waszych. Myślę, że bezpieczniej jest zawsze podróżować w dwójkę z tych powodów. Ale rzeczywiście Couchsurfing to zupełnie inne podróżowanie, bo pozwala dotknąć różnych miejsc w zupełnie inny sposób, niż z przewodnikiem w dłoni.

  4. Avatar of Karolina

    It’s great to meet simmilar people while traveling! I am happy you guys such a great time with Alex :). We’ve never used Couchsurfing as guests but we hosted some people when we had a flat in Kraków. It was always nice :)

  5. Avatar of Osiris Tours

    Dubai is an amazing place to travel to, people there are very friendly. No matter what social class, all the people of Dubai are known for their generosity and open arms, which makes for a cozy welcome in a new place and makes it feel like home

  6. Avatar of Elen

    Hi Agness! From your experience, you describe Alex as seems really trustworthy and nice cool guy. Actually I’m planning to visit dubai real soon. Is there other way you could help me to contact alex beside couchsurfing.? coz the link was block here in UAE.

    Hope you could help me. Thanks!

  7. Avatar of Ali Abdel

    Been to Dubai and loved that experience, some iconic structures and attractions. Burj Khalifa, the fountain show, Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. There is actually a lot to see and to Do there.

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