Last Updated: 20 November 2017
Once plagued by civil war and drug lords, Colombia is rising above its past to forge a new future. Situated in the north of the continent of South America, Colombia is covered by rain forests and coffee plantations. The Andes Mountains run through this country that boasts ten percent of earth’s bio-diversity. Colombia is also home to more bird species than any other country. The Amazon Basin covers a third of Colombia and a boat ride up the river helps to introduce visitors to the diversity of nature and the indigenous people that live in the jungle.

In the Valle de Cocora National Park the national tree, the Wax Palm, tallest tree in the world, grows so high it touches the clouds, and adds an alien appeal to the lush hillsides.


Apart from the jungle, Colombia borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, and is surrounded by beautiful beaches coral reefs and islands. The Sierra Nevada Mountain is the highest coastal mountain range in the world, forming a splendid backdrop where it juts out onto the Caribbean coast.

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