Climbing up the Great Wall of China

When I was a child, my favourite activity was to watch a Discovery channel for hours and hours. Long-range trips, huge buildings, different culture, unexplored places and powerful monuments were something that has always fascinated me. Every Sunday there was a programme about discovering China and its beauty. I was always admired by the size of the Great Wall of China and my desire was to climb it up one day. My dream has finally come true…

I was proudly standing on the top of this greatest engineering triumph enjoying the breath-taking landscape surrounded by high mountains, hills and trees. At that moment, this place was a symbol of diligence, mass manpower and freedom for me. It was a very hot day and I remember how exhausting this journey was for me. I was climbing up and down but I couldn’t see the top of the Wall which seemed to be further and further even when I was getting closer to it. There were many tourists there and the place was very busy as it was Sunday. The whole families from different parts of the world were climbing up with me. I took some pictures of them and they took some pictures of me. Unfortunately, my battery was very low and I have only few pictures from this place (missing the ones from the top of the Wall). Nevertheless, I promised myself to come back here next summer and climb it up again. In total, it took me more than 6 hours to enjoy this epic journey across north China.


As Mao Zedong said “He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man”. :-)


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  • As long as you’re not surrounded by huge crowds, the Great Wall is amazing. I’d love to go back to the sections that haven’t been restored–where the tourists don’t go.

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