Capture the Season – Photo Essay

This is our entry in‘s “Capture the Season”, where contributors post photos that they think capture the seasons best. These are the first photos that come to our mind when thinking of the four seasons:


I realise it is summer when…

Binh Binh, Vietnam
Binh Binh, Vietnam


the sunlight blinds me and I am on the boat surrounded by beautiful scenery of Ninh Binh. 

Not many foreigners have heard of Ninh Binh. This place offers a stunning scenery, relaxing boat riding, extraordinary pagodas surrounded by Vietnamese villages. It always reminds us of summer.


I realise it is autumn when…

Huaqing Hot Springs
Huaqing Hot Springs, China


Chinese Temples are covered with leaves.

Huaqing Hot Spring located in Xi’an, China is well-known for its dainty spring scenery.


I realise it is winter when…

Chongqing- Lhasa train
Chongqing- Lhasa train


I look out the train’s window on my way to Tibet and I see beautiful mountains covered with snow. 

It is worth to be going to Tibet from China by train. It takes about 48 hours to get there but look at this scenery!


I realise it is spring when…

Spring in China


I am surrounded by cherry blossoms and I think I’m in Japan, but I am actually in China.

In our opinion, China is the most beautiful country in spring.

We would like to invite the following bloggers to join the #CaptureTheSeasons photo contest:


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