Capture the Colour: Inspired by Tibet and China

Last updated: 8 November 2015
Originally published: 19 August 2012

I was nominated by Arianwen Morris (check out her stunning photos of Columbia at to take part in‘s competition called Capture the Colour. First of all, I would like to say thank you to Arianwen for nominating me. It is a true honour to me to share my photography with you all.

I am extremely excited and happy to participate in this competition as I love playing with colours. There is nothing better than expressing the vivid colour in your photos. The place I have recently travelled to and will always remind me of colours, especially these five: red, blue, green, yellow and white, is Lhasa- the capital city of Tibet. Therefore, I decided to mix Lhasa photos with some pictures taken in China to make it look more colorful. I hope you like them :).

So, here they are, my favourite Tibet and China photographs representing the following colours: red, blue, green, yellow and white:

1. Red Colour- Chinese waving flags- Shanghai, China.


I spotted Chinese waving flags at the park in Pudong New Avenue on my way to World Financial Centre in Shanghai last October. It was very rainy and awful day but these red flags made the scenery look more vivid.

2. Blue Colour- Blue Lhasa sky- Lhasa, Tibet

This clear blue sky is a wonderful background for this photo illustrating the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. I found it very simple but beautiful as well.

3. Green Colour- The incredible Zhangjiajie Mountains- Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China

I was climbing up the most beautiful mountains in the world last year where Avatar movie was made. It was so green everywhere. I couldn’t take my eyes of them! I was welcomed to Pandora and enjoyed Avatar live :).

4. Yellow Colour- Enormous Dragon statue- Xi’an, China

I was travelling in Xi’an city in China last October and visited the Huaqing Hot Springs. I was strolling down the park and suddenly I saw a huge statue of dragon with enormous wings standing just in front of me. It looked 10 times biggest live than in the photo!

5. White Colour- Tibet sky


I took 46-hour train from Chongqing (China) to Lhasa (Tibet) in order to see this extraordinary scenery. Every time I look at this whitey photo, it reminds me of the two days on the train.

All five!

That is me standing close to prayer pal in Lhasa, Tibet. This photo expresses all five colours Tibet is famous for.

Now, I am going to nominate 5 bloggers to take part in the same competition. These are Eva Hamori from, Cez from, Mickie and Charles from, Kite from and the adventurous Escaping Abroad guy from


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  • Thanks so much for the nomination, Agness! We’ll do our best, but there’s some great competition out there.

    I love your Zhangjiajie Mountains shot – so beautiful, and almost surreal.

  • Wow. Really love the white one. And I can’t believe somewhere exists on earth that looks so much like Pandora! I have to go there now!!

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