Last Updated: 21 January 2018
A central African country, Cameroon is blessed with a wide array of landscapes, wildlife and cultures. With two hundred and fifty ethnic groups, the country traverses rain forests mountains, savannah grasslands, a desert and a coastline. Mount Cameroon is the fourth highest mountain in Africa and is an active volcano. Lava and ash have painted the beach sands around the mountain an unusual chocolate brown.  

The country is home to six hundred and ninety species of birds, forest elephants, chimpanzees and lowland gorillas. Cameroon lacks infrastructure and there are few tourists but for those who just want to discover nature at her best, this is the destination for you.


Here you will find the Koma people who live like they have for hundreds of years still wearing traditional dress and using traditional hunting methods. One of the oldest indigenous groups in Africa, the pygmies still live the traditional lifestyle in the rain forests of Cameroon.

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