Last updated: 24 December 2017
Due to political tensions Burundi is currently considered unsafe for travel. Covered mostly by agricultural lands, there is just six hundred square kilometres of equatorial forest left in the country, which is home to hippo, elephant, chimpanzees and tigers.

The capital city Bujumbura is situated on the beautiful beaches of Lake Tanganyika, a lake so large it has waves. Hotels, restaurants, a golf course and stables line the lakeside. Bujumbura is a pretty town full of wide-open grassy parks.

It has retained some of its French colonial culture and offers some of the best cuisine in East Africa. The open-air bazaars sell colorful local artworks including hand woven baskets, sculptures and beadwork.

BurundiThe lush green hills in the countryside are dotted with circular thatched mud hut villages. Visitors to traditional villages can dance and sing with the locals to the beat of wooden drums that form part of their ancient culture, drink traditional sorghum bear and grind corn with traditional stone tools.


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