Burkina Faso

Last updated: 24 December 2017
Landlocked Burkina Faso in mid West Africa is not a tourist hotspot, and her unruly neighbours Mali and Niger have rendered travel to some areas unsafe. Burkina Faso has a harsh climate and poor infrastructure, but it also has a warm and welcoming population, and lovely landscapes. The national parks are home to a variety of eco-systems, housing hippos, monkeys, lions, leopards, elephants and buffalo.

The capital city, Ougadougou, is well known for its music and for its vibrant artwork. Around the countryside people live in traditional villages of huts built from straw, mud and dung, and then intricately and beautifully decorated.

Burkina Faso

In the south of the country the ruins of Loropeni, dating back to the eleventh century AD are the best preserved of ten fortresses which guarded the surrounding stone structures, the remains of settlements built by gold traders.

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