Last updated: 17 June 2019
Extending over an enormous landmass, and with the most diverse eco-systems found anywhere on earth, Brazil is home to thousands of species of birds and animals. From the Amazon jungle to the soft, sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, and from Pantanal, the largest tropical wetland in the world, to the cultivated vineyards and coffee plantations in the South and Northwest, Brazil offers visitors a vast palette of choices. Travel by canoe through the Pantanal to view the exceptional wild life.  Take a boat ride into the depths of the rain forests, and visit Indian villages, fish for piranha, or simply take in the diversity of life. Cycle through the wine lands, or through towns where pretty colonial buildings and lavish cathedrals built by the Portuguese surround cobbled streets.
Brazil Swim or surf at the Copacabana Beach, close by the Sugar Loaf Mountain falls into the Ocean, or walk the colorful, bustling streets of Rio Janeiro under the watchful eye of Christ the Redeemer.

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