Birthday Wishes From Around the World for Agness

Happy Birthday Agness !

It wouldn’t be  appropriate to wish you happy birthday from one place – you are world traveller! Here’s a video and few of the pictures I gathered from people who like/love/ admire you! Enjoy!

YouTube video

I would like to thank everyone for help! As expected, Agness cried when she saw it (we had a video chat when I published the video).

Special thanks to everyone who helped!


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Cez Krol
Cez Krol
I’m always positive and never bored – there’s just so much more to see and experience! I began my journey around the world in 2011 with just $400 and one-way ticket to Asia. Still going and blogging today. You can typically spot me working on a laptop or rock climbing.
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44 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes From Around the World for Agness”

  1. Happy Birthday Agness! :) Cez is really a GEM putting these images together. Happy Happy 2013 and more travels to come! :) *kudos Cez!*

    1. Thanks Regine :D You are a star for sending fantastic photos. Don’t ever change ! See you soon, where? I don’t know :)

  2. Many happy returns Agness, hope you have a fabulous day.

    Well done Cez, that is a brilliant video. It just goes to show how many really appreciate what you two do.

    Have a very happy birthday x

    1. Thank you so much Guy for your contribution to the video. You looked awesome and yes, the video turned out to be soooo cool! Have a lovely day and happy travels in 2013!

  3. Great job! Happy Birthday Agness from Fort Wayne, Indiana. So sorry I missed the chance to be a part of this fun project.

    1. Hey Teresa! Are you in Indiana now? Awesome, wish I was there right now. Thank you for the birthday wishes x x All the best for 2013!!

    1. That was just amazing and left me speechless for 24 hours :):) Thanks for the birthday wishes and hoping to see you soon during our travels x x

    1. Thank you so much Steve!! I did have a wonderful night with my friends. Heading to Bangkok now. All the best in 2013!!

    1. HEY! Thanks a lot my dear, wonderful girl which left me speechless :):) Sending my love and wishing you all the best in 2013 :):)

  4. Kate - CanuckiwiKate

    What a wonderful, thoughtful and creative idea, this turned out awesome Cez! Hope you’ve had a fabulous birthday, Agness and lots more exciting adventures to come :)

  5. What a wonderful birthday present to give Agness! I doubt she can wipe the smile from her face!

    Happy Birthday Agness – and what a way to start 2013! X

    1. Thanks Shing x Now I need to start thinking of Cez’s birthday present :):) All the best for 2013 and more adventures x x

  6. Yeah! Love knowing awesome secrets ;) Honoured to be a part of this!
    Hope you had a fantastic day and safe travels back to the Asian part of the world ;) xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah. You looked lovely on the video :):):) x I’m so glad for your contribution. Have a wonderful time in New Zealand. We are back in Thailand and heading to Hong Kong very soon :-)

    1. Hey! Thanks a lot. We are already in Bangkok ;-) Have a wonderful time and hope to see you on the road. Cez is saying THANKS! The video’s so cool.

  7. Mary {The World Is A Book}

    Belated Happy Birthday Agness! Cez did a fantastic job with putting all of this together. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t do it when he asked due to scheduling conflicts. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and wishing you many more.

  8. Shamefully belated happy birthday from me. How wonderful of Cez to do this for you! A true friend. And lovely to see all the people around the world that admire the too of you. Happy birthday and travels. Kat

    1. Hey Kat! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I was so surprised and touched by this video and people were truly amazing!!!

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