Last updated: 29 November 2017
Bangladesh has a history that goes back to 1000 BC, and with one of the densest populations on earth the country is both hectic and laid back. Dakha, the capital, is home to more than ten million people, and it is a noisy and frenetic and the traffic is chaotic. Move into the countryside and the pace of life slows down.

Boasting more than seven hundred rivers, Bangladesh is draped in lush and verdant greenery. The valleys and hills surrounding the waterways are hung with lush tea plantations.

One of the world’s natural wonders, the biggest mangrove forest on earth is in Bangladesh. A unique eco-system, the forest is home to a range of wild life such as Bengal tigers, dolphins, birds and reptiles.


Possibly the longest beach on earth Cox’s Bazar lies on the Bay of Bengal. The sandy beach is dotted with wooden fishing boats and jetties, the warm water is great for surfing, fishing or swimming.

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