Last updated: 29 November 2017
After twenty-seven years of civil war Angola has finally settled down. One of the top oil producers in sub Saharan Africa, it experienced the highest economic growth rate in the world before oil prices started to fall. 

Angola, once a Portuguese colony, is the fourth largest country in Africa. Luanda, the capital, is the most expensive city in the world, and a bit like an enormous building site as the people try to rebuild the growing capital following the war. The city skyline is lined with gleaming new skyscrapers, but just outside lie squalid shantytowns. On the water front palm lined marinas border the pretty Atlantic beaches.

Many of the smaller cities located along the coastline are endowed with natural beauty. They are also filled with charming Portuguese colonial structures.

The interior of the country consists of endless plains, and in the north, virgin rain forests, all filled with a superb array of African wildlife.

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